This documentation describes ApiRTC Javascript library.

ApiRTC is our real time Web communication library. It will enable you to easily add communication (chat, audio, video, fie transfer, drawings) into your application

ApiRTC makes web communication easy as a breeze using Apizee's infrastructure and WebRTC technology.

One of main avantage of ApiRTC is to be compatible with lot of differents browsers and version. ApiRTC keeps evolving with the support of new APIs and features on Web browsers.


If you want to get started, you should take a look at our Getting start guide and API Quick start guide

We have also prepared different tutorials to simplify the apiRTC integration in your application.

ApiRTC Architecture

ApiRTC Architecture keeps evolving to always offer more and more simplicity and feature integration.

ApiRTC V4 add a new entry point with "UserAgent" : User Agent integrates all necessary module to add audio, video, chat, drawings, file transfer ... in your application.

So Create your userAgent, Start a new session and Enjoy all apiRTC functionality !!!